Warm Audio Studios

Project Details
OSW had the distinct pleasure of working with WARM Audio to design the studios for their new corporate headquarters in Austin Texas. OSW provided the complete acoustic design for the 2-room facility including studio layout, isolation, interior acoustic control, loudspeaker tuning and integration, wiring design, termination and installation, equipment installation, technical furniture design, video and audio communication systems, electrical distribution, and mechanical systems. OSW was deeply involved with the project including training of the staff on the new SSL AWS 948 consoles and studio systems. Further, OSW provided guidance and installation of interior acoustic treatments in the rest of the office complex to increase the performance and comfort of the space. It was an incredibly fulfilling project and WARM Audio was a great partner to work with throughout the process.

Warm Audio Studios Walkthrough

Steve Ouimette

Project Details
Personal composer workspace converted from a large master bedroom for video game composer and guitarist Steve Ouimette. This project required that the ceiling be reframed to accommodate the reorientation of the mix position. The room functions as both a critical listening room and recording space. The room features an SRMS multi subwoofer system with 4 subwoofers working in concert with his Amphion monitors.

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Tempe, AZ

Project Details
OSW was commissioned to design and build 2 identical control rooms with a shared studio for the Conservatory’s Tempe campus. Each control room features an isolation booth. Custom lighting and acoustic fixtures were designed and built by OSW. Provisions were made to accommodate future wiring needs and changes. The rooms were designed around the SSL AWS series consoles and ATC monitors.

Casonna Pappas

Project Details
This private studio is housed in the highest Platinum LEED certified home in North America. This commercial spec studio includes a machine room located below the studio and an analog delay line located in the wine cellar. The control room features flush mounted ATC monitors and the unique Dymaxion 48 hybrid tube and solid state console designed by Steve Firlotte and Ian Gardner, of Tree Audio.

Steve Greenberg

Project Details
This one room studio designed for Steve Greenberg, musician, composer and technologist features lots of natural light and open space. The objective in this room was to create an environment in which the work space could be reconfigured as needed to suit the project at hand. The neutral sound is well suited to acoustic recordings.


Client List

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences Tempe, AZ
Warm Audio Studios Leander, TX
145 Studios Millheim, PA
Steve Ouimette Scottsdale, AZ
Casonna Pappas Tempe, AZ
513 Analog Tempe, AZ
Audio Perception Los Angeles, CA
Sound Techniques USA Murrieta, CA
Sixteen Ton Studios Nashville, TN
Formula One Recording Phoenix, AZ
Third Person Media Cave Creek, AZ
Raven Sound Studios Prescott, AZ
Blue Sky Recording Mesa, AZ
Theater X Scottsdale, AZ
Flying Blanket Recording Studios Mesa, AZ
Stem Recording Paradise Valley, AZ
Matt Murman Mastering Scottsdale, AZ
SRMS Tempe, AZ
Rick Allen Creative Services Cave Creek, AZ
Sound Resolution Specialists Chandler, AZ
CRI Acoustic Tempe, AZ
8th Wonder Productions Scottsdale, AZ
Choice Productions Phoenix, AZ
Uranus Recording Tempe, AZ
Yucca Tap Room Tempe, AZ
The Rogue Bar Scottsdale, AZ
Hit Warehouse Mesa, AZ
SER Soundworks Chandler, AZ
The Love Me Nots Phoenix, AZ
The Salt Mine Mesa, AZ

AWS Build Timeline

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