OSW Services

Room Tuning and Optimization

Proper measurement and integration of your studio loudspeakers and the room they inhabit. DSP solutions available for the best in accuracy and translation.

Studio Design

Complete studio design services including all building systems as well as equipment and wiring.

Custom Acoustic Packages

Tailored acoustic solutions for your control rooms and studio spaces.

Acoustic Troubleshooting

Reverberation measurement and diagnostics of problem noises and isolation issues.


Project support and planning for studio builds. Expert support during critical phases of construction.


Design and consultation of AC electrical systems suited for critical low noise production environments.

Audio Wiring and Distribution

Planning and design of low voltage wiring systems such as patchbays, headphone systems, and video distribution.


All manner of upgrades including audio equipment, wiring, distribution systems and acoustics.

Equipment Sales

Sales of select high performance audio hardware and furnishings for the studio. Acoustic treatments are also available.

Equipment Evaluation

Evaluation of audio systems including loudspeakers and consoles.

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